HBF helps government agencies at every level better serve a uniquely connected public.


The rapid spread of digital technology and cloud computing has given government organisations an unprecedented opportunity for creating citizen-based online services, while both raising the standard of service delivery and reducing its costs.

Citizens are using digital and social technologies to play a more active role in the democratic process. They are able to access information and services in real-time, and are using online social media tools to interact with each other and their government bodies in ways never before seen.

While adjusting to these changing dynamics, government agencies must at the same time continue to support essential areas such as defence, human services and national security at a federal level; public safety, health, education and transport at a state level; and rural and industrial management at the local level, while planning for future communities.

HBF calls it “Connected Government”, where government agencies at every level – federal, state and local – are learning to be more flexible and responsive in meeting changing social and demographic dynamics. Our Connected Government vision considers factors such as how responsive, inclusive, collaborative, innovative and productive an agency is, and how our solutions can help improve those outcomes.

We have close relationships with organisations across all three tiers of government and work with them to meet their challenges by creating tailored solutions for the delivery of digital communication services for citizens, business and between government agencies.

Furthermore, we can provide the level of network security that citizens expect of their government, allowing them to interact safely with the knowledge that confidential data is being protected with the highest level of vigilance.


Why choose HBF?

Apart from the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are partnering with a trusted government service provider with the country’s widest network coverage, there are many benefits to choosing HBF.

Cost effective solutions

HBF’s national coverage provides significant economies of scale. Services stretch across the entire continent for all to access any time with our fully integrated national service.
Secure communications

HBF understands that governments have a responsibility to ensure personal, policy and strategic information is in a secure environment and cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons. HBF solutions ensure that government and citizen data, and VOIP and wireless communications are protected by the highest level of security, which HBF continually monitors to detect and counteract emerging threats.


Government agencies require the ability to increase bandwidth to meet public and internal demand which cannot be determined from any previous traffic models. The HBF IP network infrastructure offers the ability to grow or shrink depending on this demand.

Access to industry experts

You will be dealing with experts in the delivery of government services, not sales people. Our specialists work closely in partnership with all levels of government  to develop and implement solutions to meet specific challenges and policies.

Tailored solutions

Our solutions are flexible and tailored to meet governments’ diversity of needs, based on a long heritage of servicing government requirements, and can be scaled up or down as requirements dictate. If we don’t have a solution, we will help you develop one.

Integrated national approach

HBF provides an integrated communications approach based on compatible platforms that help facilitate the increasing need to share services, data or communications both within and between governments.

Experience the HBF difference

HBF has a reputation for high quality service, leading-edge world-class solutions, and for delivering on time and on budget.


Cloud Computing

The internet-based nature of cloud computing means cloud-based services can be accessed by citizens anywhere the internet reaches, even on mobile devices, and at any time that suits them.

Cloud computing has opened new worlds of opportunity for government and its constituents, but not without its unique challenges. That is why HBF has tailored its cloud computing services specifically for government agencies, factoring in unique storage, hosting, security, cost and scalability needs, for example.

Our cloud computing services provide a robust and secure platform for hosting government data and services. We advise agencies the best options for moving storage and government-related computing functions into the cloud.

Software, platform and hardware capabilities can all be accessed on-demand with immediate scalability, enabling organisations to reduce capital expenditure and improve cost-efficiency with pay-as-you-use information, communication and technology services. New services can also be created quickly without the need for upfront investment in hardware and software licences. Services can also be scaled to quickly cater for peak periods such as regular or annual events or emergency situations.

Contact centre services

While the web is playing an increasingly important role in federal government service delivery, it is only one piece of the equation: people still like to speak with people. HBF’s Contact Centre Services team consults across many industries, including government, to provide strategic advice on how to get the most out of strategic contact centres.

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