Legal Services

In a challenging business environment, technology can help make legal practitioners more productive, responsive and influential while trimming cost.


Vigorous competition is putting pressure on traditional legal business models. With HBF’s help, your firm can stay at the forefront. Smart, natural collaboration and easy access to your firm’s files and systems help busy legal practitioners respond efficiently to clients and build stronger relationships. Plus use our Cloud solutions to trim costs and stay competitive.


Build influential client relationships

HBF video conferencing solutions help lawyers and paralegals to connect with clients and colleagues. With natural face-to-face meetings on many devices, they can spend less time travelling and more time working with your valuable clients.

Create a more flexible working environment

HBF IP Telephony can help your legal practitioners connect with clients with crystal clear high-definition voice and video calling, virtual meeting rooms and a single number that rings on any device, streamlining communication.

Improve productivity and responsiveness

Maximise effectiveness and billable hours with HBF Mobility Solutions & Applications. With access to their files and applications on the go, legal practitioners can advise clients more accurately, record their hours and capture signatures, submitting documents while on the go.

Document billable hours accurately

HBF IP Telephony can help you streamline billing and substantiate client charges with call reporting technology that tracks how long lawyers spend on verbal advice or teleconferencing.

Improve cost efficiency

Get storage and computing power to support the latest billing, accounting and analytics applications without investing in more servers. HBF Cloud Infrastructure is a flexible pay-as-you-go model with 24x7 monitoring and support to keep things running smoothly.

Keep everyone in sync

Microsoft® Office 365 lets legal practitioners, contractors, outsourcing partners and bookkeepers collaborate securely via the Cloud with up-to-date documents and the latest Office applications, email, calendar and video conferencing on desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Simplify document preparation

Microsoft SharePoint® Online is a cost-effective way to provide advanced document management and collaboration in the Cloud, helping streamline workflow and version control for paralegals and lawyers.

Connect your people to email, files and applications

The fast, reliable HBF IP network can give legal practitioners easy and secure access to sensitive client and company data, email and applications while keeping communications private.

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